Curiosity has been the driving force behind both my education and my career as a planetary geologist, NASA mission team member, and asteroid miner. I am currently seeking new opportunities in the areas of planetary exploration (including our own planet!), aerospace, geospatial analysis, or other applications of my unique background.

In pursuit of my passion for planetary exploration, I completed my Ph.D. in planetary geochemistry at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2014. Following that, I worked at the Carnegie Institution for Science as a science team member on NASA's MESSENGER mission to Mercury. I processed data for its X-Ray Spectrometer (XRS), one of the instruments that mapped Mercury's surface chemistry for the first time, and synthesized multiple MESSENGER data sets to evaluate the origin of a large geochemical anomaly on Mercury.

In April 2016, I joined the asteroid mining company Planetary Resources, Inc. (PRI) as a Geospatial Analyst. My role transitioned to Senior Planetary Scientist and then to the Director of Data Products, where I led the definition of what our prospecting spacecraft would have to do at an asteroid to search for mineable water. This involved a mix of applied planetary science, systems engineering, and product management. My work and close collaboration with a team of talented engineers resulted in the asteroid mission concept depicted here:

I was also a collaborator on NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission, on which I provided an industry perspective to what is typically a purely scientific endeavor. Here's a little bit more about me:

Since you may be wondering, in the picture I'm holding my favorite type of meteorite, pallasite!