• Applied planetary geologist with expertise in space mission concept development, requirement definition and traceability, interfacing with engineers, geospatial analysis, geology, and remote sensing
  • Most recently, Director of the Data Product Team at Planetary Resources, Inc. (PRI) and interface to engineers and executives in an agile, scrappy start-up environment
  • Experienced communicator of verbal and written technical information through internal memos, 10 first-authored and co-authored peer-reviewed publications, 20 conference abstracts, 10 conference/seminar talks, and proposals earning >$110,000 in funding


Director of the Data Product Team, Planetary Resources, WA     Jan. 2017-Feb. 2018

  • Leading the Data Product team on PRI's asteroid prospecting mission by spearheading measurement requirement definition and managing traceability to internal and external stakeholder objectives within programmatic constraints
  • Collaborating with systems engineers on requirement validation, development of an asteroid prospecting concept of operations, and system architecture definition
  • Distilling the scientific literature into the most critical knowledge for engineerssystems, instrument, mechanical, software, avionicsduring conceptual design, analysis, and trade studies
  • Creating and managing relationships with an external Science Advisory Board of asteroid scientists; planning and leading semi-annual board meetings for mission concept reviews
  • Representing an industry and space resources perspective as a Science Team Collaborator on NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission to a near-Earth asteroid

Geospatial Analyst, Planetary Resources, WA     2016

  • Planned and executed ground-truth activities during field testing of a mid-infrared imager
  • Processed ground truth data and mid-infrared imagery for detailed analysis

NASA MESSENGER Postdoctoral Associate, Carnegie Institution for Science, DC       2014-2016

  • Completed spectral analysis of mission-wide dataset from the X-Ray Spectrometer on NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft and generating final chemical maps of Mercury’s surface
  • Worked with other MESSENGER team members to find geology-related correlations on Mercury between datasets; disseminating results through publications, conferences, and team meetings
  • Spearheaded collaborations between scientists of different specialties and institutions to determine the geological history of a chemically puzzling region on Mercury

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO       2009-2014

  • Fostered cross-discipline research between researchers from different fields to model predictions of the chemistry of planets outside our solar system and to analyze ancient rocks in search of a chemical signal of an asteroid impact experienced by the early Earth
  • Wrote successful proposals and applications to secure >$100,000 in funding for research, stipend, and travel expenses
  • Disseminated research results to the scientific community through 2 peer-reviewed papers, 8 conference talks and seminars, and 5 conference poster presentations

Graduate Intern, NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA       Summer 2012

  • Modeled the chemistry of dwarf planet Ceres’ putative early ocean, contributing to pre-Dawn spacecraft arrival predictions of its surface chemistry

Instructor, Introduction to Geology Laboratory, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO       2009-2010

  • Developed curriculum for a weekly lab-based undergraduate geology course
  • Taught two 20-student classes each semester for two semesters (>80 students total)
  • Led students on multiple geology field trips throughout the Colorado Front Range


  • NASA-Caltech Jet Propulsion Lab (2012)
  • Lunar & Planetary Institute (2008)
  • SETI Institute (2007)
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2006-2007)


Independent research
Science communication at all levels
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom
Microsoft Office
Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote
Python, Jupyter Notebook

Esri ArcMap/ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online
Exelis ENVI


Data Analysis
Requirements tracking
Geological field work
NASA mission lifecycle
Technical writing
Proposal writing

Public speaking


Ph.D. in Planetary Geochemistry, University of Colorado at Boulder, CO       2014
Thesis: Temporal limits on the habitability of rocky worlds

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY       2009
Geology concentration, Astrobiology minor

Awards and Training

Harris Geospatial Advanced ENVI Analytics, CO      2016
Trained on hyperspectral data analysis

USGS Workshop: Introduction to GIS for Planetary Mappers, AZ       2015
Trained on cartographic techniques, database design, and information management in ArcMap 10    

1st Place, Esri Storytelling with Maps Contest       2015
Won category 1st Place for my story map entry, “Living on the Edge: The Extremes of Human Inhabitance       

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship       2011-2014
Wrote successful research proposals and secured $90,000 in funding for my graduate work

Lunar and Planetary Institute Career Development Award       2014
Awarded $1000 and recognized for accomplishments as a graduate student

Planetary Science Summer School, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA       2012
Experienced hands-on training of the NASA mission lifecycle from spacecraft design to arrival

Geological field work, Manitoba, Canada       2011
Assisted members of my research group in performing geological field work in remote northern Canada

Research Focus Group, Astrobiology Graduate Conference, MT     2011
Participated in a proposal-writing workshop

Geochemical Society Goldschmidt Travel Grant       2011
Awarded $500 for travel to Prague, Czech Republic to present my Ph.D. work at a conference

Zonta International Amelia Earhart Fellowship      2011
Earned $10,000 in funding for graduate research as a woman in an aerospace-related field

Caltech Space Challenge, California Institute of Technology, CA 2011
Participated as science lead in workshop competition to design a manned asteroid mission


Rock climbing, cycling, maximizing WA summers, concerts, getting lost while traveling, cooking, eating the mistakes