Living on the Edge: The Extremes of Human Inhabitance

Tools Used:

  • Esri StoryMaps
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Lots of googling

A few years ago, I was attending an Esri event in Washington, DC to learn more about geospatial analysis. One of the presenters talked about Esri's new StoryMap feature, a web-based multimedia tool that allows a user to tell a story using maps, video, text, pictures, etc. He also mentioned that Esri runs a StoryMaps contest.

I thought the whole concept was super exciting, so I decided to make my own entry. I've always been curious about how people interact with the world around them, so I decided to make a StoryMap about the extreme environments people live in. It was a really fun project...and I won First Place in the travel category! See my entry below, or go here for the full view.