Resources for discovering non-academic career options

When first considering leaving academia, it can be difficult to know where to even start looking. In previous blog posts, I’ve outlined steps to discover job opportunities based on your skills and interests:

The above steps require significant internal reflection. It’s important simultaneously to learn about career directions and job opportunities that you may have not even known exist.

I love the infographic below from the American Geoscience Institute. Although it’s specific to those with a geoscience background, it really does transcend fields to show the diversity of options available to you. Note that these jobs span sectors ranging across the nonprofit, academic, government, research, and industry worlds:

American Geoscience Institute

American Geoscience Institute

Special Note to Planetary Scientists

Here are some job titles of planetary scientists (both masters and Ph.D.) I know personally who are not faculty or soft money researchers. They work in government, industry, and the nonprofit sector.

  • Education and Outreach Scientist

  • NASA Mission Project Scientist

  • NASA HQ Program Manager

  • Space Instrument Scientist

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Small business founder and CEO

  • Data Scientist

  • Imaging Scientist

  • Nonprofit founder and CEO

  • Science Magazine Reporter

  • Science Museum Educator

  • Museum Curator

  • Space Architecture Engineer

  • Vice President, Business Development

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